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Shall I write in the third person? Oh, go on, let's!

"Diana was born in Moree in rural NSW, Australia in the mid 70's. She is an accomplished bush mechanic, and most recently applied this talent to ensuring the fence on the right hand side of her backyard doesn't fall down.

After leaving Moree at the age of 18, Diana moved to Brisbane where she lived for 13 years until she was 31. At the age of 31 she immigrated to the UK where she now lives in Nottingham (she has zero plans to leave).

Diana spends her days making ceramics in her loft, painting, taking photographs, walking her dogs, and arguing with her husband. She does all these things really well as she is quite old now and has had a lot of practice.

She absolutely adores animals and has quite a few rescue pets.

Diana likes to make art, point her camera at all sorts of things, volunteers for a cat rescue, loves sleeping and taking hot baths and is generally a very nice person. Occasionally she can get a bit grumpy, especially when at the supermarket.

Her life is a work in progress, and she really just wishes that everyone would stop being quite so selfish."

Here is a photo of me from a few years ago with a lemur. Lemur's hands feel amazing on your skin and I can highly recommend being walked on by a lemur.

If you would like to get in touch to make me an offer I can't refuse, please email me.


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